About Phynut

Our story is fairly simple. I am obsessed with nut butters. Nut butters were my sustenance back in the UK where Thomas and I were living.

Once, I ordered 8kg worth of nut butters, clearly overestimating my ability to carry it back. Thank goodness for my little friend Joey who bravely shouldered half of it.

Back in Singapore, Thomas suggested we try making our own. So we started. Our first attempts were rather gross to be honest.

Nonetheless, we kept at it and eventually started making REAL GOOD nut butter. Our friends and family liked them, our first customers liked them, and eventually we realised we had something good going.


These days, we are coming up with more nut based snacks, and hope to share our healthy, all natural treats with more people.

Our products are free from all artificial preservatives, refined sugar and palm oil. Just the way we want to eat it, and we believe, how our planet likes it as well ~